Subdivision Surveys

These surveys are required in order to define and record the extent of property ownership. They comprise the calculation of the positions of property boundaries, the physical demarcation of the property boundaries and the registration thereof in the office of the Surveyor General by means of a diagram or general plan.

NPM is specifically geared to offer a full range of cadastral surveys, from large scale projects, smaller developments and single subdivisions.

The company has surveyed in excess of 20,000 erven over the past 15 years and subdivided more than 2,500 farms required for the clearance of title deeds in order for SANRAL to take ownership of their road reserves. The company has subdivided all the road reserves in SANRAL’s Southern regional and has undertaken subdivision of road reserves as far a field as Lydenburg, T’Bantchu, Port Shepstone, Ladysmith and Plettenberg Bay. NPM is currently contracted to undertake approximately 600 further road related subdivisions for SANRAL.