Services Offered

Services Offered

NPM GEOMATICS offers the following services:

The wide range of expertise in the company arises from the historical involvement of its members in government and private sectors. As a result, the portfolio of services that the firm provides is comprehensive.

All surveys are conducted in terms of applicable legislation (Land Survey Act 8/1997) and relevant survey specifications such as TMH11.

Only a registered professional land surveyor may undertake subdivision, sectional title or beacon relocation surveys. NPM Geomatics has 6 registered professionals who supervise and sign off each survey which the company undertakes.

Subdivision Surveys

These surveys are required in order to define and record the extent of property ownership. They comprise the calculation of the positions of property boundaries, the physical demarcation of the property boundaries and the registration thereof in the office of the Surveyor General by means of a diagram or general plan.

NPM is specifically geared to offer a full range of cadastral surveys, from large scale projects, smaller developments and single subdivisions.

The company has surveyed in excess of 20,000 erven over the past 15 years and subdivided more than 2,500 farms required for the clearance of title deeds in order for SANRAL to take ownership of their road reserves. The company has subdivided all the road reserves in SANRAL’s Southern regional and has undertaken subdivision of road reserves as far a field as Lydenburg, T’Bantchu, Port Shepstone, Ladysmith and Plettenberg Bay. NPM is currently contracted to undertake approximately 600 further road related subdivisions for SANRAL.

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Sectional Title Surveys

These surveys are required when buildings are to be subdivided by means of sectional title. It involves the positioning of buildings relative to the property boundaries and the measurement and determining of the median line of each unit, which defines the extent of each section and Exclusive Use Area within the scheme.

This information is recorded on a sectional plan, which is lodged with the Surveyor General and the Registrar of Deeds.

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Beacon Relocation Surveys

These surveys are required when a property owner needs to build a wall, fence or erect a building close to the property boundary, or when an encroachment of a building or boundary wall or fence is suspected over the legal boundary.

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Topographical Surveys

These surveys are required to depict the infrastructure, contours and natural features on a particular site/sites. They are generally used by planners and engineers in their designs for various types of developments. These surveys can be as small as a simple site survey for small building projects (houses, schools clinics etc) or at a much larger scale, for road upgrading, water reticulation projects, township development etc. It is not unusual for the company to be appointed to undertake large scale topographical surveys, in excess of 100 hectares.

NPM has completed the survey of a number of large clusters of schools and clinics in the province, usually within very tight timeframes, with delivery of up to 15 school or clinic sites completed per week. NPM has surveyed in excess of 650 schools in the Eastern Cape.

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3D Laser Scanning Surveys

3D laser scanning is a fast and efficient means of gathering high volumes and high accuracy survey information. Scanning is often used to measure and model bridges, buildings, quarries, utilities, industrial upgrades, monitoring for movement, accident or crime scenes.

3D point cloud data is registered and geo-referenced to produce an accurate 3D model of the feature or structure as required by the client.

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Road & Pipeline Strip Surveys

These surveys are required for design purposes of either the upgrading of an existing road or pipe, or the building of a new road or pipe line.Typical examples include access roads and clustered water reticulation projects for rural communities.

High specification roads are surveyed to the stringent TMH11 standard as published by SANRAL (SA National Roads Agency Limited). In addition to undertaking the road and control surveys, NPM is also contracted to perform check surveyors for strip surveys undertaken on SANRAL roads.

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Setting-Out Surveys

The building of infrastructure such as roads, buildings, sewer reticulation etc require the services of a surveyor to set out the precise positions and levels for the infrastructure to be built.

The company’s experience ranges from setting out of roads, sewer pipelines, water pipelines, dam walls and buildings, including the setting out of the Hemingways regional shopping mall, which has in excess of 1,000 column positions.

NPM was involved in the setting out of a large Dam in the Coffee Bay area, and we are routinely contracted to set out road alignments, platforms, building corners and schools for contractors.

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Control & Monitoring Surveys

These surveys are needed where accurate control is required for future setting out of roads or buildings, or for the precise monitoring of the movement of dam walls, retaining walls, high rise buildings etc.

NPM has been monitoring the movement of the road and bridge at the Langeni pass for the past 5 years, and also carried out the monitoring of the Gilwell Mall retaining walls during the construction period of this shopping centre.

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Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic surveys are carried out on dams or rivers where the profile of the dam or river bed is modelled for volume and design purposes. The surveys are carried out using a boat or kayak fitted with depth sounding equipment linked to a GPS receiver.

NPM completed the survey of 18 dams within a 6 week period during 2011.

In 2012, NPM was involved in the survey of the river bed profile of the Fish River near Port Alfred. This survey was particularly challenging in terms of access, wildlife (hippo) and heavy rainfall during the survey campaign. River profiles have also been surveyed in Fort Beaufort and Cala.

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Built Environment Mediation

Colin Davies is a Built Environment and Commercial Mediator, accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

In conjunction with other RICS accredited mediators, NPM Geomatics is able to assist clients to find an acceptable settlement for a range of commercial and development related disputes, without the need for costly, time-consuming litigation and potentially damaging public media.

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