Ethics in Action

NPM Surveyors debating an ethical scenario

Friday 31st January 2020 was an exceptional day! The surveyors from NPM Geomatics took time out to attend and participate in an Ethics in Action workshop, held in East London, Eastern Cape.

The workshop was convened in response to the change in the CPD rules published by the SAGC, although admittedly, initial reaction to an ethics workshop was anything but enthusiastic!.

However, what an opportunity! What an outcome! What a win!

Facilitated by Carey Kurten from Mila – to take route ( the workshop enabled NPM’s surveyors the opportunity to engage with each other on the issue of ethics. Often seen as a tedious topic, the day was energized and stimulating, with everyone actively and vigorously participating in the group discussions and debates.

Carey is a skilled and highly professional facilitator who engages the room and makes it easy for participants connect with each other and the activity at hand.

Carey’s creative style enabled the group to comfortably connect and engage with each other over both shared and conflicting ethical values and perspectives. It was a fascinating experience watching and listening to the interactions and realising that too often we make assumptions about what we think other people believe or value.

Using the 5 pillars of Organisational Ethics from the Workplace Integrity Indicator, and the Rotary 4 Way Test, we wrestled with the gritty, uncomfortable and often messy dilemmas which ethical decision making evokes.

The day was wrapped up with each of the 4 groups of 5 presenting their take on a different, but real life, ethical scenario – with some surprise outcomes and strong counter arguments.

Feedback from the workshop was extremely positive and has generated a tangible energy within the organisation.

Going forward, NPM will be setting up its own Ethical Think-Tank to enable us to actively build on our well established ethical foundation.

Participant Feedback

The day was excellent. A lot to learn. I did not know about ethical and non-ethical behaviour. This workshop will improve more in my life. Thanks a lot

The day was really productive. The discussions managed to open my mind on ethics. I came to understand the importance of ethics in our life and work environment! Thank you

I learned something new that will help me put a smile on my face every day. It was an amazing day. Fun was had.

The workshop was eye opening and it made me realise things that I thought were acceptable, ie “grey areas”, don’t exist. It’s either right or wrong.

This ethics workshop was very mind opening. I got a chance to engage on different opinions and to understand how other people think. I would love to have more of these workshops but in a way that will help us engage on experiences at work.

The workshop was awesome!! It was something different from what we normally attend. It was really refreshing. It made me realise we as people need to do more in being more ethical.

It was fun! I learned a lot!