Bridge Scanning

The wide range of expertise in the group arises from broad and diverse experience, including working throughout Southern and Central Africa. As a result, the portfolio of services that the company provides is comprehensive and includes:

  1. Traditional Surveying and Geomatics
  2. Dispute Resolution and Commercial and Built Environment Mediation
  3. GIS Consulting and Data Capture
  4. Land Reform
  5. Cadastral and Land-Legal Consulting

NPM Geomatics acquired a high order Trimble TX8 scanner in late 2018. 3D Laser scanning is ideally suited to complex industrial applications, quarry and stockpile surveys for volume determination, sectional title, As-Built plans of large buildings, Heritage renovations, providing base data for Building Information Management Systems (BIMS). Our scanner has been used to scan and model bridges, floor levels in buildings, determine volumes in mines and measurement of sectional title projects.

NPM Geomatics

About Us

The company has origins dating back to 1905 when the Horne brothers established their practice in Queenstown., and for many years practiced as Horne and Horne, later becoming Horne and Preston. The firm changed its name to Nzelenzele Preston & Medcalf in 2000, becoming NPM Geomatics in 2007. In 2002, the company acquired the East London based firm Parking, Tomlinson and Partners (PTP). The earliest record in the old leather bound notebook belonging to land surveyor Parkin is dated 1918. This book was used to keep records and notes of all surveys done in the various blocks and sections of old East London.

We specialise in Land, Cadastral, Sectional Title, 3D Laser Scanning, Topographical and Engineering Surveying.