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Property Owner, Know your boundaries!

It is always better to start off knowing where your property boundaries are before you buy or build, rather than having to resolve an expensive encroachment later. Complications with banks and neighbours can arise when boundaries are ignored. You would therefore prefer to save both time and money by making sure that the boundaries and […]

Our Voluntary Work

At NPM Geomatics our purpose is to contribute to the sustainable social and economic development of our region through supporting Infrastructure and Housing Development, Improvement of Land Rights and Supply of Land Information, with consideration and respect for the natural and social environment. Since 2000, our business processes are being aligned to world-class best practice, […]

More About Our Services

We are one of the most experienced surveying companies in South Africa. NPM Geomatics is committed to helping you with your survey and spatial information requirements. We are able to respond to large and small scale projects, and deploy survey teams throughout our region to provide a rapid turnaround time. Where are our offices? The company […]

Surveying – Interesting facts

As a leading surveying company in South Africa, we are passionate about what we do. Many of you may have found us on the internet after searching “Surveying companies in South Africa, beacon relocation or geomatics companies”. We welcome you to our blog section and would like to offer you further knowledge of our profession. […]