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May you have a blessed festive season

The end of the year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express to you season’s greetings and good wishes. 2021 was an unprecedented year, with the global COVID-19 pandemic continuing to effect everyone, economic uncertainty and racial unrest affecting every one of us in some way here in South Africa. While the year […]

The Renewable Energy Transition in South Africa

The Future Depends on The Sustainable Work We Do Today. As the world evolves, the energy sector is once again experiencing radical transformation, so do the requirements and expertise needed to support it. Renewable Energy are increasingly displacing ‘dirty’ fossil fuels in the power sector, offering the benefit of lower emissions of carbon and other […]


Geomatics is a modern, all encompassing term, given to the activities of collecting, managing, processing, analysing and storing geo-spatial data (geographic information). It includes the age-old profession of land surveying, as well as newer areas such as aerial photography, GIS / LIS (Geographic / Land Information Systems), remote sensing, global positioning systems (GPS) and LiDAR […]

Land surveying

Land surveying is an ancient and sometimes mystical practice – at least to the lay-person. Just how does the land surveyor decide where a missing property beacon should be replaced? Or on what basis does the land surveyor decide whether a wall or fence dividing two properties is in the correct position or not? Rooted […]

Why trust your project to NPM Geomatics?

As a leading surveying company in South Africa, we are passionate about what we do. Many of you may have found us on the internet after searching “Surveying companies in South Africa, beacon relocation or Geomatics companies”. We welcome you to our blog section and would like to tell you a little more about us. […]

Property Owner, Know your boundaries!

It is always better to start off knowing where your property boundaries are before you buy or build, rather than having to resolve an expensive encroachment later. Complications with banks and neighbours can arise when boundaries are ignored. You would therefore prefer to save both time and money by making sure that the boundaries and […]

Survey for the design of a new family farm house

Survey for the design of a new family farm house positioned on a rocky ridge on a farm in the Maclear district. NPM Geomatics uses a range of hi-tech digital measuring instruments including 3D laser scanners, survey grade GNSS systems, total station theodolites and levels to execute surveys for our clients. The survey will define […]

2020 in Review and 2021 on the Horizon

2020 will be remembered as a crazy year of massive change and upheaval in the world. At the start of the year, local news was dominated by a looming water crisis caused by a crippling drought. COVID was still something affecting people in China. 2020 will be remembered as a crazy year of massive change […]