Africa’s Border Disputes

Africa’s Border Disputes

The Undisputed Reality of Africa’s Border Disputes

Some cultures agree that “Good fences make good neighbours”, whilst other cultures might prefer a more generalised limits, such as rivers or mountains, to define control or jurisdiction. Whatever the preference, humans have a universal tendency to define themselves geographically. For example, “I am African”, or “I come from Komani”. And taken to extremes can lead to bitter conflict. Conflict over boundaries is as ancient as humanity, and surveyors have been helping disputing neighbours settle their differences for almost as long. Surveying, and in particular boundary surveying, is very African. The first surveyors were employed in Egypt to re-establish farm boundaries destroyed by the annual Nile flood. Whether a boundary is destroyed by a flood, by mistake, or by wicked intent, professional land surveyors are the go-to professionals for resolution of boundary disputes. Conversely, to avoid disputes from developing, a professional land surveyor should be an essential member of your project team when planning to build or develop.

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