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About Us

About Us

NPM GEOMATICS Inc is a proudly Level 1 BBBEE compliant company.

The company has origins dating back to 1905 when the Horne brothers established their practice in Queenstown., and for many years practiced as Horne and Horne, later becoming Horne and Preston.

The firm changed its name to Nzelenzele Preston & Medcalf in 2000, becoming NPM Geomatics in 2007. In 2002, the company acquired the East London based firm Parkin, Tomlinson and Partners (PTP).

The earliest record in the old leather bound notebook belonging to land surveyor Parkin is dated 1918. This book was used to keep records and notes of all surveys done in the various blocks and sections of old East London.

We specialise in Land, Cadastral, Sectional Title, 3D Laser Scanning, Topographical and Engineering Surveying.

We believe our Purpose is to contribute to the sustainable social and economic development of our country. We do this by embracing a culture of HELPING:

Our Clients by efficiently delivering comprehensive and reliable survey data and services in support of their projects.

Our Colleagues by sharing information, experiences and providing ongoing mentorship in support of their growth and development.

Our Families by earning an income and providing for their needs.

Our Country by making a positive contribution to the social and infrastructural development of our nation through the work we do, combined with voluntary and charitable projects.

115 years of experience
Our Projects

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How we work

Requirement Analysis:

Each survey project is different, with many different variable. So it is easy to either under-scope or over-specify the project when requesting a quote or proposal. At NPM Geomatics you get the assurance of working with a team of professionals who will provide both scope clarification and suggested specification adjustment, prior to quoting. You will then obtain a comprehensive quote which details what will be done (scope), the accuracy to which the work will be done (specification) and how it will be presented to you (deliverables). In addition you will have a clear indication of when you can expect the deliverables and when each milestone payment will fall due.

Project Programming and Implementation:

Once a quote has been accepted in writing, the project is added to our project and resource planner. We watch the weather carefully to ensure that our resources are used efficiently and get the work done as quickly as possible. All our surveyors are registered with the SAGC. NPM Geomatics carries valid and current PI Insurance, and requires all our teams to adhere to safe working practices and internal safety guidelines. For projects which require levels and heights, NPM Geomatics always provides a minimum of 2 benchmarks which are 12mm iron pegs encased in a substantial block of concrete, or alternatively a stud in concrete paving / kerbing.

Processing and Delivery:

Once the field work is completed, the data is processed in the office and final data deliverables are prepared. The processing of the field measurements is checked at multiple stages for accuracy and consistency. Plans are prepared according to the project requirements, supported with additional sensor data such as images, videos or annotation. Deliverables always include a project report, co-ordinate list and code schedule, and all data are supplied by email or by cloud based file transfer server.


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