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We provide land survey and digital mapping Services. Read more Project Portfolio
We provide land survey and digital mapping Services. Read more Project Portfolio

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All staff are appropriately registered with the SA Geomatics Council (SAGC).

The combined experience within the company exceeds 100 years, spread across various survey disciplines, regions and countries. 

Cadastral 95%
Topographic and Engineering 95%
3D Laser Scanning and Industrial 85%


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NPM Geomatics is committed to helping you with your survey and spatial information requirements. We are able to respond to large and small scale projects, and deploy survey teams throughout our region to provide a rapid turnaround time. Our professional and technical staff have broad experience in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Congo, Tanzania and Mozambique. All surveys are conducted in terms of applicable legislation (Land Survey Act 8/1997) and relevant survey specifications such as TMH11.

Client Satisfaction: We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive service and high quality survey deliverables. We take responsibility for our work, and omissions or gaps in data are dealt with promptly as a programming priority. . As a result, NPM Geomatics has an extensive list of clients including Built Environment Professionals, Property Developers, Municipalities and Government Departments.

Vision and Mission: Our mission is to pursue excellence for the benefit of our clients, staff, local communities, and business partners by offering outstanding service, comprehensive and complete survey data with efficient delivery, based on the highest standard of ethics, honesty, integrity & team-work.

Project Planning: All projects are carefully programmed to be executed efficiently and with minimal duplication. Due to our staff and equipment capacity, you benefit from our flexible approach to project and resource programming. Health and Safety is taken seriously on all projects.

Quotes and Estimates: When engaging with NPM Geomatics we provide you with detailed and comprehensive quotes for all aspects of a project, so you know exactly what the project deliverables are, what these will cost, and when and how the deliverables will be supplied. You benefit by being able to compare quotes and then make an informed choice of service provider. In the event that the project scope changes, you will be advised of the cost impact of these changes as they become known.

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These surveys are required in order to define and record the extent of property ownership.  They comprise the calculation of the positions of property boundaries,  the physical demarcation of the property boundaries and the registration thereof in the office of the Surveyor General by means of a diagram or general plan.

These surveys are required when buildings are to be subdivided by means of sectional title.  It involves the positioning of buildings relative to the property boundaries and the measurement and determining of the median line of each unit, which defines the extent of each section.  Depending on the property zoning, a sectional scheme may consist of as little as 2 sections. Sectional Title is ideal for subdividing a Granny Flat from the main dwelling.

These surveys are required to depict the infrastructure, contours and natural features on a particular site.  They are generally used by Built Environment Professionals in their designs for various types of developments.  These surveys can be as small as a simple site survey for small building projects (houses, schools, clinics) or at a much larger scale,  for road upgrading, water reticulation projects, and mass residential development.

3D Laser scanning is ideally suited to complex industrial applications, quarry and stockpile surveys for volume determination, sectional title, As-Built plans of large buildings, Heritage renovations, forensics or accident scenes and providing base data for Building Information Management Systems (BIMS)

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