Who We Are

NPM GEOMATICS Inc is a company specialising in Land, Sectional Title, Topographical and Engineering Surveying.

The professional and technical staff are all highly experienced and are appropriately registered with the SA Geomatics Council (SAGC), and are members of the SA Geomatics Institute.

We are able to offer a wide range of services to help you achieve your land development and land management objectives.

NPM Geomatics has a proactive approach to the development and empowerment of all its people, as part of our Social Investment programme.

What We Believe

In order to provide a top quality professional service to our clients and partners, we embrace a strong ethos of developing, supporting and caring for all our people.  Maintaining a culture of support and ongoing improvement ensures positive benefits for our clients, staff, communities, partners and suppliers. 

We believe our Purpose is to contribute to the sustainable social and economic development of our country. We do this by embracing a culture of HELPING:

  1. Our Clients by efficiently delivering comprehensive and reliable survey data and services in support of their projects
  2. Our Colleagues by sharing information, experiences and providing ongoing mentorship in support of their growth and development
  3. Our Families by earning an income and providing for their needs
  4. Our Country by making a positive contribution to the social and infrastructural development of our nation through the work we do combined with voluntary and charitable projects.

We employ, develop, recognise and reward our People who are committed to Ongoing Learning, Innovative Problem Solving, Team-Work, Professionalism and Service Excellence in the workplace and in their communities.